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New Berklee Press Guide Covers Voice Leading for Jazz Guitar

Jul 23, 2002

Just knowing how to play a chord is never enough to make good music. Voice leading--moving individual chord voices smoothly from one chord to the next--is an essential skill for jazz guitarists.

Voice Leading for Jazz Guitar, published by Berklee Press, shows guitarists how to voice lead both chord tones and tensions. The hands-on guide teaches musicians to add a new level of sophistication and creativity to their music.

Grammy-award winning bassist Buster Williams notes, "John Thomas has written a very valuable, comprehensive approach to voice leading techniques. This book is very insightful and promises to be an eye-opener."

Fusion jazz pioneer Larry Coryell adds, "A book on voice leading is a needed step in the evolution of jazz guitar education, and John Thomas is the best man to write it. He knows the specific devices by which great players can create original-sounding solos." Intermediate to advanced guitar players will learn to:
  • Internalize voice leading techniques and effortlessly play the music they hear in their heads
  • Develop facility on the entire guitar neck with more than 400 II-V-I exercises, in all twelve keys
  • Master voice leading technique by playing along with the jazz tunes, blues, and rhythm changes on the accompanying CD
  • Learn comping rhythms that work in blues, bebop, ballads, Latin, and other styles
  • Spice up guitar playing by using more advanced chord sequences that include #IV-7(b5), interpolative II-7, diatonic turnarounds, and chromatic and dominant approach chords

About the Author

John Thomas is an Associate Professor of Guitar at Berklee College of Music. A composer, lecturer, and musician, he has toured internationally and recorded with Chet Baker, Dizzy Gillespie, Joe Henderson, Jimmy McGriff, Sonny Stitt, Kenny Drew, and other jazz legends.

For more information, visit their web site at www.berkleepress.com.
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