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New KSM Studio Instrument Mics Start Shipping

Sep 4, 2002

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The KSM141, KSM137, and KSM109 are three new instrument condenser microphones from Shure created for studio use. As the latest additions to the KSM line of professional studio products, the group is designed to mic instruments including: acoustic guitar, drum overheads, high-hat cymbals, guitar cabinets, pianos, percussion, stringed instruments, and more. Additionally, with a range of features and prices, the trio offers a solution for high-end recording, project, and home studio users alike. Currently shipping, the KSM141 and KSM137 will be joined by the KSM109 later this month.


As the premier entry within the group, the KSM141 is a dual-pattern microphone offering a selection of either cardioid or omnidirectional polar patterns with the turn of a rotating mechanical switch. Other features include Shure's Class A transformerless preamp circuitry, an ultra-thin, highly sensitive diaphragm, and a switchable, three-position low frequency filter to limit unwanted background noise and proximity effect. The microphone can reproduce sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz. Further complementing the feature set is a switchable pad (15 or 25 dB) for managing extremely high SPL sources such as electric guitar cabinets and snare drums.

The KSM141 includes a break-resistant mic clip, carrying case, and Popper Stopper windscreen, and is available for purchase in stereo pairs. The KSM141 lists for $770 for a single microphone and $1540 for the pair.

KSM137 A single pattern (cardioid) version of the KSM141, the KSM137 performs with the same detailed sonic precision, and excels on acoustic guitar, drum overheads, and hi-hats. Also like the dual-pattern KSM141, the KSM137 is available in a stereo pair, sports a champagne finish, and comes with accessories including a break-resistant mic clip, carrying case, and Popper Stopper windscreen. Its suggested retail price for one model is $575 and $1150 for the pair.


Last among the group is the affordable, cardioid KSM109. A value-engineered cardioid condenser unit, it too offers an extended frequency response (20 Hz - 20,000 Hz) for natural reproduction of sound with smooth high-end delivery and tight low-end. Equipped with a switchable pad (15 dB) to accommodate high SPL sources, as well as circuitry using the same architecture employed by its higher-priced counterparts within the KSM product group, the champagne-finished mic comes with a zippered carrying pouch, microphone clip, and Popper Stopper windscreen. The KSM109 lists for $305.


Equally adept at fulfilling the needs of live sound reinforcement, all three new KSM microphones will be available from authorized Shure dealers around the globe. The KSM141 and KSM137 are currently shipping and the KSM109 will be available later this month.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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