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New Premium Polish System from Planet Waves

Jul 23, 2005

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Planet Waves adds to its line of guitar-care products with the introduction of the Planet Waves Premium Polish System.

Each stage of the three-step Polish System benefits the instrument differently, and used together, they provide a lasting sheen and critical protection for electric guitars, acoustic guitars, basses, and mandolins according to the company. All three steps come in PVC bottles that will not react chemically with the polish inside, and are safe on all guitar finishes. Each bottle holds four fluid ounces.

Step one of the Polishing System is called "Restore." Restore is a deep-cleaning cream polish that reanimates a guitar's finish, polishes out swirl marks and minor scratches, and provides protection against ultra-violet damage.

Step two of the Planet Waves system is called "Protect." Protect is a natural protectant and sealer which combines premium-quality #1 yellow Brazilian Carnauba wax with advanced chemistry to bring a radiance to the guitar. Unlike many waxes, Protect is quick and easy to apply and remove. Step three of the Polishing System is called "Shine." This spray cleaner and maintainer can be used to erase dust, fingerprints, and minor imperfections to keep your guitar's finish looking new every day. The Shine spray even includes color enhancers to bring out the coveted "wet" look of any finish.

Also available are three new Planet Waves guitar care products: Lemon Oil, which is a natural cleaner and conditioner that removes dirt, grease, and wax buildup; Hydrate Fingerboard Conditioner, which restores natural dark wood fingerboards to their original luster; and String Cleaner, which gently cleans and lubricates strings, removing the dirt and grease that cause corrosion and tone loss.

Each of the three steps of the Planet Waves Premium Polish System retail for $9.99. Planet Waves Lemon Oil and String Cleaner retail for $5.99. Hydrate retails for $6.99. All are now shipping now in the U.S. and available in all other markets October 1, 2005.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planetwaves.com.
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