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Online Bass Lessons with Tab and Music

ActiveMusician covers all the bases with a great selection of interactive on-line bass guitar lessons with bass tab and music playback, teaching all the major bass concepts such as tuning, walking, scales, triads, slappping, how to play fretless bass, and blues, funk, rock, and jazz bass technique. Enjoy!
The Absolute Beginning
Tuning Your Bass
Learning the Neck
Learning to Read
Your First Bass Line
Beginning Bass Technique
Proper Hand Position
Basic Warm Up
Right Hand Technique
Introduction to Scales
Your First Scale
Major Scales
Minor Scales
What's After Scales?
First Basslines
Your First Bass Line
Instant Funk
Learning To Jam
Bass Technique Lessons
Finger Workout
Improve Your Reach
More Left Hand Technique
Keep Learning the Neck
See the Fingerboard
Single String Workout
The Spider Exercise
Developing Good Time
Bass Scales and Triads
Breaking Down Triads
Whole Note Study
Modes of the Major Scale
Triad Study
Triad Study II
8 Note Scales
Melodic Minor Modes
Introduction to Soloing
Walking Bass Lessons
Things To Remember Walking
Let's Go For a Walk
More On How To Walk
Conceptual Bass Lessons & Theory
Advanced Listening
Deep Thoughts
Slash Chords
Rock Bass Lessons
Basic Rock Bass
Basic Rock Bass II
Basic Boogie Woogie
Basic Shuffle
Funk Bass Lessons
Instant Funk
James Jamerson 16th Notes
Rocco Prestia 16th Notes
Jaco Pastorius 16th Notes
Disco Octaves
Metal Bass Lessons
Pumping Metal Lines
For Beginner Metal Heads
Jazz Bass Lessons
The Jazz Blues
Giant Steps
Melodic Minor Workout
Jazz Blues Workout
Bossa Nova
John Patitucci and V7 Chords
Tritone Substitutions
Slap Bass Lessons
Slap And Pop
More Muted Slap And Pop
Advanced Slapping
Fretless Bass Lessons
How To Practice Fretless
Intonation Practice
More Intonation Studies
Classical Bass Arrangements
Bach's Suite #1 In G Major
Bach's Invention No. 13 In A Minor
The William Tell Overture
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