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PG Music Releases Band-in-a-Box Version 12 for Windows

Dec 10, 2002

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PG Music Inc. has released Version 12 of its Band-in-a-Box intelligent music software for Windows with more than 50 new features. The new features include the new MIDI file to Style Wizard; "twice as many instruments" with the addition of General MIDI 2 (GM2) support; additional fretboard support including mandolin, ukulele, banjo and bass fretboards; notation display enhancements including separate notation tracks for each harmony voice and the addition of guitar chord diagrams; looping and song navigation enhancements; graphical user interface improvements; plus improvements to every existing Band-in-a- Box style.

The MIDI file to Style Wizard automatically converts any standard MIDI file (.MID) to a Band-in-a-Box Style (.STY) with the press of a button. Simply open a MIDI file, set the parameters, and press "Generate NEW style." Options allow the user to quickly make simple or advanced styles from any standard MIDI file -- without any knowledge of the StyleMaker required. Novice users will appreciate the automated option that "does everything" while advanced users will value the custom options for controlling which bars from the MIDI file are included in the style, how many pattern variations to include and more.

"Twice as many instruments" with General MIDI 2 (GM2) support. This GM2 support adds 128 new instruments to Band-in-a-Box styles and songs, including ukulele, mandolin, 12-string guitar plus many additional piano, organ, guitar, brass and string sounds. Existing styles have been enhanced to include support for GM2 and the newest StyleMaker features including guitar and other fretted instrument voicings, consistent volume levels, edited patterns and more. New add-on styles supporting all the new StyleMaker features are also available. The Guitar Window has been enhanced with the addition of mandolin, ukulele, banjo, and bass guitar fretboards.

All fretboard displays support authentic chord voicings and melody display. Bass players will now also see bass tablature and correctly displayed bass parts. Harmonies can now be displayed on the leadsheet window (or printed) with separate notation tracks for each harmony voice. View each harmony voice on a separate track, or view/print any single harmony voice. Further enhancements to notation include the addition of an option for standard guitar chord diagrams to be included. Choose from Folk, Pop, or Jazz guitar chord diagrams.

Song navigation and looping features include the ability to set loop points for playback. The program will start playback at the first loop point and play the looped section until stop is pressed. Song navigation options during playback allow the user to control song looping and navigation during live performance or practice sessions. Options includes hot keys and buttons for enabling/disabling loop, playing with last chorus looped, playing with middle choruses looped, playing with middle and last choruses looped, jumping to last chorus with no loop, and jumping to song ending.

The program's Graphical User Interface has been enhanced, with a single dialog for all program options and song settings, right mouse menu support, simplified menus, additional hot keys and more. The Main Menu has been simplified, with half as many menu items and a new "Window" menu has replaced the existing "User" menu. PG Music Inc. is a leading innovator of computer music software that is easy to use, powerful, and fun.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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