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PG Music Releases New Soloist and Melodist Sets for Band-in-a-Box

Dec 11, 2003

PG Music has released two new Soloist Sets and one new Melodist Set for its Band-in-a-Box music accompaniment software. Soloist Set 10: Ballads and Guitar and Soloist Set 11: Trumpet add five new soloist databases to Band-in-a-Box to create solos for any chord progression that the user types in generating a unique solo every time. Melodist Set 3: Bluegrass will instantly create a brand new melody or complete composition in the Bluegrass style.

Soloist Sets provide the user with improvisation lines to play over any chord changes in the chosen style. Band-in-a-Box solos are based on the soloing rules learned from expert musicians, it is not generating static computer lines. This makes the Soloist feature a useful teacher as it shows the user exactly what real musicians might play over any chord changes. It's like having top musicians always on call to answer the question "What could I play over these chord changes?" Not only does Band-ina- Box play the solo, but it will slow the solo down, loop it, or print it out so the user can learn it "note for note."

Soloist Set 10: Ballads and Guitar features 3 new soloist databases: Jazz Ballads, Django and Jpass guitar. The Ballad Soloist is specifically designed for slow tempo ballads and can be used with any instrument. The Django Jazz Swing Soloist enables the user to create instant solos, based on any chord changes, in the style of the great Belgian Jazz guitar virtuoso. JoeP Jazz guitar soloist is a mainstream/Bebop soloist that was made specifically for Jazz guitar. Users can instantly create solos in these genres for practice, study and analysis.

Soloist Set 11: Trumpet features 2 new soloist databases, "Satch" and "Wynt." With Satch the user can generate solos in an older Jazz trumpet style similar to soloing styles of the 30s and 40s trumpet players. The "Wynt" soloist features the modern approach to Jazz trumpet playing in the tradition of Miles, Freddie and more. The Band-in-a-Box Melodist feature can compose a brand new song complete with intro, chords, melody and arrangement in the chosen style at the press of a button. Once the song is generated the chords and melody become regular Band-in-a-Box tracks and may be edited, modified, printed, saved or exported as a standard MIDI file like any other Band-in-a-Box song. Users can auto-regenerate any part of the song to modify their composition. The Melodist can also create a melody over an existing chord progression. The Melodist "JukeBox" mode creates and performs new compositions in succession.

With Melodist Set 3: Bluegrass the user can instantly create a brand new melody in the Bluegrass style. With the click of a button, Band-in-a-Box will compose an endless supply of melodies and accompaniments. The user can even start with their own chord changes or just let Band-in-a-Box create the entire tune, including an intro and a title. The Melodist feature can be used for many other interesting purposes as well, such as generating unlimited sight reading exercises or practicing new melodies over familiar chord changes.

For $29 per set, customers can download any of the new Soloist or Melodist Sets immediately from PG Music's web site or order via mail, phone, fax or e-mail directly from PG Music Inc.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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