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PG Music Releases Three New Multimedia MasterClasses

Jul 6, 2003

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PG Music has introduced 3 new volumes in its MasterClass music instruction series. The new programs are The Guitar MasterClass Volume 2 - Advanced/Intermediate, The Guitar MasterClass Volume 3 -- Intermediate, and The Blues Piano MasterClass Volume 1. Each volume is available for use with the Windows operating system.

These new volumes in the PG Music Inc. MasterClass Series integrate interactive audio lessons with on screen MIDI display, notation, and video, allowing the student to see and hear exactly what the instructor is playing. PG Music Inc.'s feature-rich multimedia program includes hours of verbal instructions, with related MIDI and Audio exercises, exercise tips, and practice tracks. All are linked to multimedia features. With these new MasterClass Series volumes the student can study the lessons, hear the music, see the instruments being played, review videos of the instruments and finger positions, practice, and play along with a top musician.

The Guitar MasterClass Volume 2 - Advanced Beginner is a continuation from Volume 1 of this series with instruction by master guitarist, Oliver Gannon. Topics covered in volume 2 include: typical chords and chord progressions for the key being discussed; new chord variations; strumming and fingerpicking patterns; scale fingerings and exercises; practice tunes with chords and melody. This volume of the Guitar MasterClass series teaches scales and the typical chord progressions for 6 major and 6 minor keys as well as how to play chords and melodies for songs in those keys. Also discussed is song structure, chord types, developing speed and technique, the Blues, using a capo, playing in minor keys and more. The Guitar MasterClass Volume 3 -- Intermediate describes transposable Barre chords, transposable scales and, transposable melodies. Each lesson focuses on a specific key. Other topics include reading rhythms and syncopations, the cycle of 4ths, simple chord substitution, chord types, new strumming techniques, octaves, adding single string effects such as vibrato, string-bending and sliding, hammer-on & pull-offs, string-damping with the right-hand, amplifiers, and electronic effects.

The Blues Piano MasterClass Volume 1 -- Beginner is designed to illustrate basic skills to the beginner Blues pianist. Master pianist Miles Black guides the student through the fundamentals of the Blues with 20 lessons dealing with Blues History, basic Blues form, simple chord construction, improvisation of a simple Blues melody over a few basic Blues styles. Blues Piano styles included are Boogie, Barrelhouse, Rag Blues, Jazz Blues, Rock Blues and more. This course offers very basic and simple exercises that help to build hand strength and dexterity.

Each volume is available for $29 for further information. Customers can order on line.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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