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PGX Wireless System Introduced at Winter NAMM

Jan 20, 2005

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Representing the latest addition to the Performance Gear line, Shure Incorporated today announced the new PGX Wireless system is now shipping in the U.S.

In keeping with the underlying principles guiding the development of the Performance Gear line, PGX products offer plug-and-play simplicity at an affordable price, making the choice of upgrading to wireless an easy one, even for first-time buyers.

Among the eight PGX systems, the product group is equally divided between handheld and bodypack systems. Shure is offering the system with microphone choices including the PG58, classic SM58, Beta 58A, or an SM86 condenser microphone. Handheld and bodypack transmitters provide eight hours of continuous operation from a pair of AA batteries.

Bodypack systems include the PGX Guitar System (for guitar and bass), PGX Lavalier Vocal System (offered with an SM93), PGX Instrumentalist System (packaged with a Beta 98), and PGX Headworn System (featuring a WH20 microphone). Regardless of which system is right for your needs, Shure's patented Audio Reference Companding technology provides crystal-clear sonic quality, allowing you to take advantage of the full fidelity of this wide variety of microphone options.

"There are only two buttons on every PGX receiver," said Dan Smith, Shure 's Product Manager for PGX Wireless, underscoring the product line's ease-of-use. "Press one button, and the receiver scans for an available frequency. Press the other, and the transmitter syncs to that same frequency. Now the system is ready for use. It's that easy."

As a final complement, every PGX system features Shure's proprietary, microprocessor-controlled Predictive Diversity reception and full frequency agility across an 18 MHz bandwidth. Up to nine systems can be operated simultaneously per band, with the option of operating 12 systems by using multiple frequency bands.

Suggested retail prices for the PGX Wireless systems begin at $558. Now shipping, each comes with its own padded carrying case, and is available from authorized Shure dealers nationwide.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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