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PR 40 Miniature Diversity Receiver Joins AKG's WMS 40 Series

Jan 16, 2003

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AKG Acoustics is adding the PR 40, a UHF portable miniature four-level diversity receiver, to its WMS 40 Wireless Microphone System series. The PR 40 will be on display at Winter NAMM 2003.

The PR 40 is suited for many different applications. Guitarists will be able to use the PR 40 in their pedal board in conjunction with the GB 40 guitarbug, thus allowing complete freedom on stage. Other applications include use in public speaking situations with the MP 40 wireless transmitter, camera mount applications for broadcast use, or with headsets and headphones used in tour guide systems and small conference or interpretation systems. A belt clip allows the PR 40 to be attached to the user's clothes. A strip of Velcro fastener is supplied, which allows the user to mount the receiver on a mixer, pedal board, or a video camera. The soft-touch enamel finish feels pleasant to the touch, which is important if the receiver is fixed directly to the user's skin.

The PR 40 features an ultra durable glass-fiber plastic case. The heavy-duty swivel joints on the antennas add to the reliability of the receiver. The PR 40 can be powered with two AAA size dry or rechargeable batteries. Integrated charging contacts allow the user to charge the batteries simply by placing the receiver in the CU 40 charger. The battery compartment also accepts a special adapter for powering the receiver from a camera or DC power supply.

The PR 40 provides fixed-line level and adjustable headphone level outputs. Metering includes RF, audio level and battery status LEDs. A preset squelch will mute the receiver if the received signal is too weak so the related noise or the self-noise of the receiver will not become audible when the transmitter is switched OFF. The PR 40 operates on one fixed, quartz stabilized frequency in the 710 MHz to 865 MHz UHF carrier frequency range and uses two swiveling UHF antennas.

The list price of the individual PR40 is $ 250.00. The PR40 is available in handheld and bodypack system configurations, including the PR40/880, which includes an HT880 handheld transmitter at a $436.00 list price; the PR40/407, which includes a PT40 bodypack transmitter with C407L omnidirectional lavalier for $ 436.00 list price; and the PR40/55, which includes the PT40 bodypack transmitter with a CK55L cardioid lavalier microphone for a $ 398.00 list price. All three of these PR40 systems include a MK HP/PR40-C video camera cable with the package.

The PR40 can also be used in conjunction with the microtools products. The PR40 portable systems include the PR40/SO, which is the PR40 with the SO 40 wireless transmitter at a list price of $ 428.00; the PR40/MP, which includes the MP 40 micropen at a list price of $ 448.00. Both systems include the MK HP/PR40-C video camera cables. A package system that will be of interest to guitarists is the PR40/GB, which includes the GB 40 guitarbug and a MK GT _" phono connection cable at a list price of $ 428.00.

For more information, visit their web site at www.akgusa.com.
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