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Percussion Plus was born in 1987, stimulated by an opportunity to fill a gap in the market. Growth was immediate and after only 2 years the factory had to move from its original site to the Old Mill it now occupies. Despite having 16,000 sq ft of manufacturing space alone, space is still tight. Every effort is made to keep overheads and waste to a minimum in order to offer maximum value. Warehousing in Nottingham is shared with their parent company Findel.

Their production workforce is flexible and adaptable and able to take on varied tasks. They have many years of experience in the playing, design and manufacture of tuned and untuned percussion instruments. Their combined knowledge enables them to concentrate on the right type of products selecting suitable materials to produce the optimum sounds.

From the initial selection of basic materials through to final tuning, each stage of production highlights the diverse range of skills required. Manufacturing machinery is not always readily available. Certainly basic woodworking and metal machining equipment is, but some tasks need special machinery which we design and build in house.

There are no short cuts to good sound and so great care has to be taken to ensure that precision tuning standards are maintained on all our tuned products. Pirate notes and double notes have to be tuned out. The fundamental note and the overtone are both tuned, and the higher notes are stretch tuned like a piano. This standard of tuning is applied to the educational ranges not just the professional instruments.
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