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Percussive Innovations Unveils VertDrums

Jan 17, 2003

VertDrums are designed to be set up and played in a vertical fashion, which allows the drumstick to free fall down the face of the drums. PI's patent pending "Fall Away Drumming Method" makes poly-rhythms with one single arm motion a totally new reality for drummers, combining the principles of economy of motion and the physics of drumming together into one single philosophy. Many tom to tom patterns can be played smoother, faster and with greater flow when played in the vertical.

When striking the top VertDrum, the stick naturally bounces straight down onto the next VertDrum below it. This process repeats over and over, until the stick is redirected. The stick flows down the drums, like water flows down a waterfall. The Fall Away Drumming Method captures the energy of one arm motion and translates it into new rhythmic possibilities.

Fitting auxiliary toms into your drum setup can be challenging. With VertDrums it's easy, because they all multi clamp to cymbal stands and boom arms. They're perfect over the hi-hat, or boomed up over your floor tom. The Phantom Mounting Brackets attach to ordinary cymbal stands for a simple, yet effective means of setup. The toms are easy to physically maneuver up and down and can be setup in a number of configurations. VertDrums can also be setup traditionally and boomed into tight spaces. They are simple to transport and all stack together easily, to fit into one small case. PI's VertDrum technology gets you two completely different sounds from one single drum. The top head is an Aquarian Clear Classic, which produces a warm tom sound. Flip the drum over and the bottom head (Aquarian Hi-Frequency) produces a fat timbale tone. All VertDrums come with special PI Hex-Key for tuning the drums and PI Removable Reusable Tone Control Rings.

VertDrums are hand-crafted in the USA from 100% Maple 6-ply shells. The shells are hand cut, sanded and naturally finished with poly-urethane or covered with our flat black laminate. Four air release holes are drilled and special rubber gaskets are inserted to protect the shells from dings. PI's patent pending 45 degree rounded Synthetic Edge Trim System is attached directly to the shells.

VertRims and Phantom Brackets are individually Laser-Cut from 1/8th inch American Cold-Roll Steel, de-burred, and prepped for finishing. From there, they are electro statically finished with a durable high gloss black powder coating. Finally, the Aquarian Drumheads are locked firmly into place and connected with custom black hex bolts and nylon washers.

For more information, visit their web site at www.vertdrums.com or www.percussiveinnovations.com.
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