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Peterson Announces Software-Based Strobe Tuner

Jun 10, 2005

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Peterson has now expanded its strobe tuning technology once again by packaging it into a software-based tuner called StroboSoft. StroboSoft utilizes the same patented and trademarked Virtual Strobe display concept that sets the Peterson VS series hardware tuners apart, but leverages the power of the computer and its display

StroboSoft provides the same 1/10 cent accuracy as the rest of the Peterson line and is the exclusive software tuner incorporating the Buzz Feiten Tuning System for open and intonation settings. StroboSoft functions as a normal chromatic tuner with its acclaimed strobe readout, adds an exclusive "Instrument Mode", and incorporates an innovative "Intonation Function".

In Instrument Mode, StroboSoft displays an illustration of the instrument and a graphical representation of the string being tuned. StroboSoft's library of instruments range from a variety of guitars to orchestral instruments, making it a versatile software tuner. The Intonation Function offers visual assistance when you are intonating and includes special offset presets where appropriate. StroboSoft allows users to define special tunings and trade them also.

StroboSoft runs on Windows XP/2000 as a stand-alone application. A plug-in version is planned, and a Mac version will be available soon. Requires less than 10MB of hard drive space.

StroboSoft Pricing:
  • Deluxe Version $79.99; Includes Peterson Sweetened tunings, exclusive Buzz Feiten open string and intonation settings, full Sweetener and temperament package with unlimited user preset locations, user interchangeable tuning presets, oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, MIDI note number output. Accuracy: 0.1 cent.
  • Standard Version $49.99; Features fully adjustable controls, several preset temperaments. Accuracy: 0.1 cent.

For more information, visit their web site at www.strobosoft.com.
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