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Peterson Introduces New Virtual Strobe Tuners

Jul 18, 2003

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Peterson has introduced a new Programmable Virtual Strobe Tuner Series consisting of the VS-II, a compact, battery-powered tuner and the V-SAM, a combination VIRTUAL STROBE tuner, AUDIO tone generator, and METRONOME.

Building upon the Model VS-1's Virtual Strobe Technology with its real-time responsiveness and 1/1000th semitone accuracy, the VSAM and VS-II tuners sport a brighter, real-time high definition TV-style graphic strobe display and many expanded functions. Users can create and save temperaments in addition to choosing from an expanded set of preset ones; the V-SAM even has selectable tonal roots.

A wide 410-490Hz reference range makes the VSAM an ideal choice for everything from harpsichord to bagpipes and both tuners have special E9 and C6 tempered presets for Pedal and Lap Steel Guitar-a worldwide first! "Bass Shift" extends the tuning range down to 5Hz making open bass strings simple to tune no matter how low.

The V-SAM's "Audio Mode" tone generator provides a 9-octave range of tones from a built-in speaker or pre-amplified 1/4" PA/headphone jack for tuning, training or even calibrating studio equipment.

Fans of the preceding VS-1 Virtual Strobe will be familiar with the GTR temperament, which sweetens a guitar's tuning, the VS-II adds "BAS" which does the same for basses, and for the first time ever, E9 and C6 tempered presets for pedal steel and lap steel guitar. The V-SAM adds an audio/visual metronome allowing tap or dial-in tempo, adjustable beats per measure, beat subdivisions, and a stopwatch function. An exclusive "INTRO" feature can automatically mute the metronome after 1 to 16 measures-allowing a clean lead-in without being "handcuffed" to the metronome beat for an entire song.

Both tuners are housed in durable rubber boots with adjustable stands. The V-SAM's combination of fully programmable strobe tuning, tone generation, and full-featured metronome makes the V-SAM a powerful measurement and training tool for all orchestral instruments and groups. The programmable VS-II tuner is also perfect for setting up intonation on guitars and basses.

Optional accessories include VS carrying case, TP-1 tuning pickup and a "Pitch-Holder" for clamping the tuner to any mic/keyboard stand or steel guitar leg.

These portable tuners can be yours for only $329.00 (MSRP) and $399 (MSRP) for the VS-II and the V-SAM respectively.

For more information, visit their web site at www.petersontuners.com.
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