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Piezo Option Offered on More Ernie Ball/Music Man Guitars

Aug 10, 2001

Ernie Ball Music Man guitars now offer an entire new sound menu, with piezo bridges available on the Silhouette, Silhouette Special, Luke and Albert Lee models.

First offered on the John Petrucci signature model, the Music Man/Fishman piezo bridge system's design adapts to other models of guitars as well. Between the Silhouette, Silhouette Special, Luke and Albert Lee, 11 new models accommodate the piezo bridge option, including tremolo and non-tremolo versions. With the Music Man/Fishman system, guitar players can add an element of acoustic sound to the mix, use it as a unique voice to drive effects, or double the sound of the magnetic pickups. The new version has all the advantages of the Music Man/Fishman system including onboard mixing, piezo EQ and mono/stereo outputs, with the new preamp providing easily accessible trim pots for adjusting the bass and treble EQ of the piezo pickups. A third trim pot adjusts the piezo level in the mono mixed mode for the desired balance between magnetic and piezo signals. The outputs allow stereo operation via two mono cables or a single stereo cable. Ernie Ball also offers a splitter box for use with a stereo cable, which divides the signals at the amp or pedalboard. The mono output incorporates an onboard mixer to allow separate magnetic and piezo volume controls through a single output.

"Development of the EQ section was a key element to optimizing the Fishman sound," said Dudley Gimpel, head of research and design at Ernie Ball. "The piezo system offers a percussive attack and extended frequency response on both the low and high end, while the magnetic pickups provide the smooth midrange voice so important to the electric guitar, and so individual to each of our models. The Music Man/Fishman piezo system excels at providing the best sounds of both magnetic and piezo pickups, with no compromises. Plus, it allows the player the most versatile and straight-head options for combining those sounds in any performance situation," continued Gimpel.

For more information, visit their web site at www.ernieball.com.
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