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Pignose Branches into Guitars

Apr 2, 2003

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As long as electric guitar players have gone through life with a guitar case in one hand, the other hand has always been attached to an electric guitar amp. Pignose, known for their totally portable guitar amps, has now taken what they call the next step in the guitar evolution with the introduction of three new guitars - acoustic, doublecutaway electric, and strat-style - with built-in speaker, 20 watt amp, and mixer.

Based on a design from musician and entertainer Nat Piccierilli, the Pignose self-contained guitars open up new vistas for guitar players. With the Pignose guitars, the need for an external amplifier is eliminated for many applications - amplified musicians are freed to make music in virtually any situation. A variety of unique opportunities are presented by the Pignose self-contined guitar system - it is possible, for example, to amplify a second guitar through the Pignose guitar's onboard amp and mixer; a microphone can be utilized with the amp and mixer so that the guitarist can both sing and play. "Since Day One, Pignose has been about portability, reliability, and affordability. Our new guitars represent a strong move forward for us in all three areas," notes Pignose president Howard Chatt. "Just as thirty years ago the Legendary Pignose made it possible for guitar players to take their amp anywhere, now we're giving guitar players the option to leave the amp behind."

Suggested retail price for the acoustic and strat-syle guitar models is $299.00; suggested retail price for the double cutaway electricguitar is $399.00.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pignoseamps.com.
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