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Pignose-Gorilla, commonly known as Pignose, is a manufacturer of guitar amplifiers, specifically portable, battery operable amplifiers.

The first Pignose, now known as "Legendary 7-100", was a battery-powered, 5-watt portable amplifier with one 5" speaker. It was developed by the Pignose-Gorilla company and debuted in 1973. Used primarily by guitarists as a practice amp, it has occasionally been used in more serious musical settings due to its excellent tone.

This amp has a few notable features, the first being the buttons to fit a guitar strap to it. This was the original intention of the Pignose, to make an electric as portable as possible. It is powered by six AA batteries or an optional AC adapter and weighs between five and six pounds (2.27-2.72 kg). Another feature is the hinged case design, allowing the user not only to store objects like the cable and strap inside the amp, but also to open the case slightly to alter the sound to their preference. If a friend is around, they can also open and close the case for an improvised wah effect. A feature for the more serious musician is the preamp output jack on the rear, allowing it to be connected to a larger amp for use as a distortion box.

In addition to the original Pignose 7-100, the company offers two other battery-powered portable models: the Hog 20 with 20 watts, and Hog 30 with 30 watts, as well as standard amplifiers, both solid-state and tube-based.
Some company information may be courtesy of their Wikipedia entry, which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
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