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Planet Waves Introduces Acoustic Guitar Humidifier

Sep 17, 1999

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It's no secret that exposing sensitive and delicate guitar tops, bodies, andnecks to an environment with low humidity can cause cracks, glue joint separation, loose bracing, and warped necks. The new Planet Waves Acoustic Guitar Humidifying System protects guitars from damage even in the driest condition

The Humidifier suspends itself between the strings of your guitar, so it never touches the surface of your instrument. There are no clips or fasteners to scratch up your guitar's finish. The Humidifier hangs inside the guitar's body, dispensing moisture evenly and slowly to protect your investment. keeps water from pooling and holds it's shape, unlike ordinary sponge. A convenient syringe, which is provided, makes it easy to refill the Humidifier without removing it from the instrument.

The Humidifier has a list price of $12.99.

For more information about Planet Waves products, visit J. D'Addario & Company, Inc. at www.daddario.com.
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