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Planet Waves Introduces The Adjustable-Insert Pick

Jul 16, 2006

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Bass players that use their fingers but would like to use a pick without losing the crucial sound of finger picking do not have to despair—Planet Waves introduces its new Adjustable-Insert Pick.

"So many players just want to try new things," said Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager for D'Addario. "The insert pick will offer new inspiration and playing power to bass players adding a new spectrum of tonal possibilities."

The design of the Planet Waves Adjustable-Insert Pick allows players to achieve a variety of picking sounds and attacks. A rubber outer pick accepts different inserts of varying thickness for soft to hard attacks. This design will provide the distinct sound of a finger-plucked bass. It is also great for guitar and ukulele. The Planet Waves insert pick will ship as of September 1, 2006 and will retail for $5.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planet-waves.com.
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