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Planet Waves Introduces The CTM Chordmaster, Tuner, And Metronome

Feb 7, 2007

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The original Planet Waves Chordmasters offer an extensive library of chords for easy reference by guitarists. Following the success of Planet Waves Tuner line launched in early 2006, the company is happy to announce the marriage of these elements in the Planet Waves CTM—chordmaster, tuner and metronome.

The original Chordmaster boasted a pretty staggering library of chords—in fact, over 4000 chord voicings—cleanly laid out on LCD screen. The new CTM almost doubles that tally. The Planet Waves CTM features over 7,000 chords in the comprehensive chord library. All are instantly accessible when required, viewable on a conveniently back-lit LCD display. In addition, the CTM offers a precision chromatic tuner, taking the guesswork out of tuning when rehearsing or performing. If that weren't enough, the CTM houses a full-featured metronome for private practice or for counting off tempos.

The Planet Waves CTM will ship in April, 2007 and will retail for $59.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planet-waves.com.
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