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Planet Waves Unveils The NS Classical Capo And NS Silver Capo

Jul 16, 2006

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On the heels of last year's release of the NS and ratchet capos, Planet Waves has announced the release of the NS Classical Capo and the NS Silver Capo. The NS Capo line is the product of an ongoing collaboration between famed product designer Ned Steinberger and J. D'Addario and Company.

Manufactured especially for the wide profile of a classical guitar neck utilizing a sleek, ultra-light design, the Planet Waves NS Classical Capo is easily adjusted on the neck and provides accurate voicing to unlock more of the mysteries of the classical guitar. Using the smooth, tactile design, players can easily adjust the string pressure and play a guitar that is perfectly in tune and buzz-free, all the time. The lightweight aluminum construction adds virtually zero weight to the guitar, maintaining the crucial balance necessary for the intricate fingering of the classical style.

"Classical guitar players are a very exact group that demands perfection in every aspect of their playing," said Brian Vance, Senior Product Manager for Planet Waves.

The NS product line also adds a new brushed silver version to their original electric/acoustic capo line. The popularity of the NS capo can be attributed to the ease with which it is used, plus durability that will ensure that the NS will be the last capo a guitar player will ever have to buy. The design allows for one hand while playing, making it easy to either remove the capo or adjust it to another position.

The NS series of capos retails for $24.99 and will be shipping starting September 1.

For more information, visit their web site at www.planet-waves.com.
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