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PowerTracks Pro Audio 8 Arrives

Jun 14, 2002

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PG Music Inc. has released Version 8 of its popular PowerTracks Pro Audio sequencing software, with more than 30 new features for integrated MIDI/Digital Audio music production.

The new 32-bit engine ensures smooth operation in the latest Windows operating systems. There's a new Chord Wizard, real-ime DirectX audio effects, "handwritten" Jazz notation font, a new Chords Window and lots more new features for fun and convenience.

The built-in Chord Wizard automatically interprets the chords of any MIDI file or PowerTracks MIDI sequence and writes the chord symbols to the notation and to the new Chords Window. Chord symbols are an essential component of playing by ear, so most musicians who play by ear should find this new feature indispensable. The Chords Window displays the chords in a selectable font and size, and is fully editable. It also has Band-in-a-Box compatible part markers to easily mark any section of the song.

PowerTracks Pro Audio 8 supports real time DirectX effects and plug-in groups. Up to four chained plug-ins can be used simultaneously. These effects groups can be saved and loaded along with their settings.

Several directX plug-ins from PG Music Inc. are included free with PowerTracks Pro Audio 8:
  • PG Dynamics
  • PG Echo-Chorus
  • PG Ten Band EQ
  • PG Peak Limit
  • PG Reverb
  • PG Five Band EQ
  • PG Flanger
Third-party DirectX plug-ins are also supported.

The PowerTracks Mixer window has been redesigned with new sliders and controls. Aux1 and Aux2 audio effects busses have been added with up to 4 effects per bus, and a Master effects output bus supports up to 4 effects for each Audio Output Port. Track Effects Inserts allow up to four effects to be inserted directly into a track's signal path, so each individual track can have its own effects.

Notation is better than ever with a new "handwritten" Jazz notation font, multiple track leadsheet display, a scrub mode that plays notes as the mouse is dragged over them, slanted beams, section and boxed text for user notes and markings, and automatic resolution of 5-beat note groups into 2+3 or 3+2 patterns.

There's a new sizeable Big Piano window, 24-bit/96kHz audio support, up to 100 levels of Undo, new VU meters with clipping indicator and gradual peak fallback.... more than 30 new features in all. PowerTracks Pro Audio 8 is priced at $49 USD.

For more information, visit their web site at www.pgmusic.com.
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