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RM20 Joins Randall's Line of Modular Amps

Jan 11, 2005

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Randall will be introducing the mighty RM20 modular tube combo at this year's Winter NAMM show. Built specifically for the professional gigging and recording musician, this EL84 powered combo performs on stage or in the studio.

Featuring a single modular channel with a footswitchable tube boost, the RM20 can take a lower to mid-gain module from clean to lead tone at the click of a switch by simply activating the included tube boost function. Use the tube boost gain control to add a desired amount of additional saturation then adjust the boost level control for the desired boost volume. For all modules, especially the higher gain tones, the tube boost function can be used as a volume boost without adding additional saturation by simply rolling out the boost gain and adjusting the amount of boost volume.

For studio use the RM20 features the XLR "Mic Eliminator" direct output circuit as well as a speaker on/off "Standby" switch for silent recording, to lay down real authentic tube guitar tracks without disturbing the neighbors. This combo can be order with any combination of 13 tube preamp modules found below, providing an extremely wide-range of vintage to modern tube amp tones. Simply select the tube modules of your choice, slide them into the front panel and tighten the two thumbscrews. Change or replace the tube modules any time you like when a different tube tone is needed.

RM20 Features and Specifications:
  • Single modular channel
  • 15 watts
  • Ruby EL84 power tubes
  • 12" Celestion GreenbackTM speaker
  • Master "Density" & "Presence" controls
  • Footswitchable Tube Boost function
  • "Boost Gain" control for desired distortion
  • "Boost Level" control to adjust the boost volume
  • Dual function "Standby" switch for live and silent mode
  • Series effects loop
  • XLR "Mic Eliminator" direct output
  • 8/16 ohm ext. speaker output
  • Slave output
  • Rear panel power tube bias test points.
  • World voltage AC input selector (100/120/220/240V)

Available Tube Preamp Modules include:
  • ULTRA (Extreme hi-gain with liquid sustain. Perfect for all heavy rock/metal tones)
  • ULTRA LEAD (Hi-gain lead module with thick mid-range and rich harmonic sustain.)
  • BROWN (A modified vintage Plexi with a soft bottom and cutting mid-range. EVH to Hendrix.)
  • CLEAN (A very warm robust tone. Perfect for jazz and blues clean tones.)
  • RECTO (Based on the preamp circuit of an early 90's Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier)
  • SL + (Based on the preamp circuit of a Hot Marshall Super Lead)
  • PLEXI (Based on the preamp circuit of a classic Marshall Plexi)
  • JTM (Based on the preamp circuit of a classic Marshall JTM45)
  • TOP BOOST (Based on the preamp circuit of a Hot VoxAC30TB)
  • XTC (Based on the preamp circuit of a Bogner Ecstasy red channel)
  • TWEED (Based on the preamp circuit of a 59' Fender BassmanTM)
  • BLACKFACE (Based on the preamp circuit of a Fender Blackface TwinTM)
  • DLX (Based on the preamp circuit of a Fender Blackface DeluxeTM)

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com.
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