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Radial Engineering Introduces JD7 Injector for Guitarists

May 29, 2002

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Radial Engineering has introduced the Radial JD7 Injector - a guitar signal distribution system that allows one to play as many as 7 amplifiers and two effect loops at the same time. Designed as a creative tool, the JD7 Injector allows the producer or engineer to create thousands of complex guitar textures by combining amps and effect pedal chains, reversing their polarity and then mixing them together.

The JD7 is a 1 RU rack mount system designed for studio use. Two selectable inputs may drive 7 outputs, 5 of which are Jensen transformer isolated for zero-noise. The signal path is true Class-A (No Fets or transistors) and is unity gain. And all outputs are easily switched in or out as are the the two effect loops. On the rear panel, the JD7 features a balanced output and input to allow a dry signal to be recorded and then re-injected back into the amplifier and effect bank thus allowing the performer to listen to textures in the control room.

Central to the JD7 is the tone. Or the un-tone. The JD7 is designed to reproduce the sound of the guitar without adding artefact or distortion. According to company president Peter Janis: "Serious guitar players are anal about their sound. Changing the tone of a 57' Strat is simply out of the question. It took us over a year to get the JD7 to work right and the results are spectacular!" The Radial JD7 features a 'DRAG' control that simulates the way the amplifier and the guitar react to each other by matching the guitar and the amplifier's impedance and introducing the losses associated with the cable, the different pick-ups and of course the way these all interact.

The JD7 is currently being used by Carlos Santana, Neil Shon and Mark Howard (U2, REM, Dylan) to name a few.

Radial will soon be releasing the Trim-Set level controller, the JDV Class-A direct box with 4 outputs and Drag control and two new Injectors (Smaller versions of the JD7) with foot switches for routing amplifiers in live applications.

For more information, visit their web site at www.radialeng.com.
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