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Radial Introduces Duraflex Pro Cables with ColorTrack ID System

Oct 29, 2004

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Radial Engineering has introduced their Duraflex Pro, a professional balanced twisted pair cable that has been specifically designed for use in professional environments where easy cable handling is a priority.

Duraflex Pro features oxygen-free copper conductors for best signal transfer in a tight 50mm twist ratio for maximum rejection against electro-magnetic fields while yielding a low capacitance for long cable runs and minimal high frequency attenuation. To reduce shrink-back, conductor insulators are made from a high temperature polyethylene, which also helps eliminate mechanical noise during handling. This is augmented with an ultra-flexible 94% 'basket-weave' braided shield for protection against RF (stray radio frequencies). The 'basket-weave' braid has this distinct advantage of eliminated 'directionality' or 'coiling' when wrapping the cable for storage making it quick and efficient during deployment. The robust 6mm outer jacket features a tough, super-flexible black matte PVC construction that resists collecting dirt while retaining its flexibility below freezing. These features combine to make handling much easier for less knotting while extending cable life.

A wide range of cable assemblies are available that combine Duraflex Pro with choice of X-On or Neutrik XLR connectors. To further simplify handling, the Radial assemblies made with Duraflex Pro come standard with ColorTrack, a color-coded cable length identifying label with a name ID slot and a clear heat shrinkable tubing at the male XLR cable end. This allows the user to identify his inventory by writing in the company name and then permanently affix the label behind the heat shrink. This innovative feature makes cable sorting and selection easy, thus reducing set-up and teardown times during hectic events.

For more information, visit their web site at www.radialeng.com.
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