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Radial Introduces Twin-Iso 2-Channel Jensen Isolation Box

Dec 30, 2003

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New from Radial Engineering is the Twin-Iso, a two-channel Jensen Transformer equipped isolation box designed specifically for use in concert settings to eliminate noise caused by ground loops.

Often, in concert settings, when interfacing equipment such as two or more consoles together, the common-mode noise caused by stray fields and differing ground reference voltages will cause hum and buzz commonly known as ground loops. This is difficult if not impossible to control especially when confronted with multiple acts during festivals where each will have their own console and is more challenging when interfacing the front of house system with remote delayed towers or broadcast trucks that are often fed with a different AC source. Equipped with Jensen Audio Transformers, the Radial Twin-Iso eliminates ground loop difficulties. It features two +4dB line-level floating channels with XLR input and output connectors for easy interfacing. Nickel laminated Jensen JT-11P1 isolation transformers and insulated XLRs provide 100% isolation. Jenen's do not introduce problems such as phase shift or group delay according to the company, which can cause bass to sound muddy and indistinct. This is of utmost importance when interfacing advanced line array systems where maintaining phase relationships are paramount to achieving the controlled dispersion pattern.

As a unity-gain device, the Radial Twin Iso-3 boasts a 10Hz to 40kHz response. To allow long cable runs, the Twin-Iso features balanced, 10k-Ohm input impedance.

For more information, visit their web site at www.radialeng.com.
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