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Rage Against The Machine Biography

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Rage Against the Machine was a highly influential American rock band noted for their pioneering blend of hard rock, funk and rap as well as their vocal leftist beliefs.

At the point of their break-up in 2000, Rage Against the Machine had become one of the most popular political hard rock bands of all time, and certainly of the 1990s. Currently, three members of the band are members of the supergroup Audioslave.

Rage drew inspiration from early metallic instrumentation, as well as rap acts such as Public Enemy and Afrika Bambaataa. The coalescence of Zack de la Rocha's rhyming styles and vocals along with their sound, especially Tom Morello's unusual guitar techniques, makes RATM difficult to confine to any one particular musical genre.

Artist information courtesy of their Wikipedia entry, which is licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.
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