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Randall Isolation - Your Recording Studio in a Box

Dec 6, 2000

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Washburn International is proud to announce the new Randall Isolation, a revolutionary tool that allows musicians and engineers to deliver the true sound of their instruments in a noiseless environment. The Isolation cabinet isolates your sound from ambient noise and effectively controls your tone in PA applications.

Whether you’re playing in front of hundreds or laying down tracks in the studio, the Randall Isolation is perfect for recording and live mic applications, even in noise-sensitive environments.

The Isolation concept is simple: a speaker is mounted in a completely closed, hinged cabinet with a microphone suspended inside. The cab has 1/4" in and outs (for looping purposes) as well as a mic out to go to the board. No longer do you need to mic your guitar cabinet and expect the soundman to hear every other instrument on stage. Simply run a line from your guitar or bass head, plug it into the Isolation, and you’re ready to go. For recording, Isolation lets you record your amp full out, reflecting your true tone-- without waking the neighbors. Two models are available: the Isolation 10 for bass, featuring an Eminence speaker, and the Isolation 12 for guitar, featuring a Celestion Vintage 30, or a Randall Jaguar Vintage 60.

Isolation 10: $399.90
Isolation 12 (Celestion): $499.90
Isolation 12 (Jaguar): $399.90

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com.
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