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Randall Returns to Tubes with the New VMAX

Jan 16, 2002

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Randall Amplifiers has announced the release of the VMAX, the flagship of the XL amplifier series. The new VMAX is an amplifier that was designed & road tested by professional musicians.

In designing the new VMAX, Randall's goal was to combine tube and solid state in one amplifier. They designed the VMAX with two separate preamps, one that's all tube, the other solid-state, and 300 watts of power output.

Preamp 1: This preamp incorporates pair of Sovtek 12AX7's, that gives you tube distortion & harmonics. A voicing switch will allow you to switch between a modern and traditional style distortion, and a gain boost switch for adding that massive grind.

Preamp 2: This preamp is classic Randall. All solid-state that allows you to switch between clean & overdrive tones. The overdrive channel has a sustain boost that can be activated by pulling the treble pot knob.

Additional Front Panel Features: The VMAX has more features than Randall has ever offered in an amplifier before. A 6-band graphic EQ that can be activated by either the front panel button or the footswitch, which can used on the tube channel, or solid-state channel. Also included is master density & presence control knobs. The density knob allows you to control the overall amount of low end and the presence knob allows you to control the overall amount of high-end.

Rear Panel Features:

Included on the rear panel are the two external speaker outputs, line-out with level control, a parallel effects loop, which has a level adjustment button that helps balance output levels of your processing gear, and our new cabinet simulator circuit, to accurately reproduce the sound of a miked speaker cabinet. This XLR out can be used for live performance and recording situations.


Built into the amp is a smart chip we call "Command Touch". Command Touch allows the footswitch and the amp to communicate. Normally the footswitch when plugged in overrides all other changing functions on the front panel. With the Command Touch, you can use the front panel or footswitch to make your changes. Any switching you do on the front panel can be achieved with the footswitch. (The 5-button footswitch activates- Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, tube boost, & graphic EQ).

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com.
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