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Randall Unveils RT2/50 Tube MIDI Channel Switching Power Amp

Aug 14, 2002

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Introducing the Randall RT2/50 2-channel all-tube power amplifier, with MIDI channel switching. Designed to compliment the company's RM4 modular preamp, the RT2/50 provides the flexibility to switch between different power tubes in a single amplifier.

Channel 1 one comes standard with two Ruby 6L6 power tubes, and Channel 2 is stocked with a pair of Ruby EL34's. With MIDI in/thru capability, the RT2/50 also works perfectly with any MIDI switching digital guitar preamp, providing warm rounded tube power to any tone.

Two modes of operation allow for maximum versatility. Choose channel switching mode for 50 watts mono a side, or select full 100 watts stereo mode. Each channel offers Master level control, with presence and density for additional Equalization. If a tube fails, no problem. The front panel bias section, tells you, which tube needs replacing, and allows for easy bias adjustment for changing out or re-tubing the amp.

  • 50/50 watts mono (Channel Switching mode)
  • 100 watts stereo (Normal stereo mode)
  • Channel 1- Ruby 6L6's (Standard)
  • Channel 2- Ruby EL34's (Standard)
  • Three 12AX7's
  • Master volume control
  • Master presence control
  • Master density control
  • MIDI in/thru
  • Front panel Bias section
  • 4/8/16 ohm selector (each channel)

For more information, visit their web site at www.randallamplifiers.com.
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