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Remo is the most prominent drumhead company in the United States, and their product is the most widely used. They are well known for their highly successful Weatherking series, which is now seen on orchestral instruments, world percussion, marching equipment, and drum sets.

Remo also has a line of hand percussion including everything from frame drums to congas.

Drummer Remo D. Belli experimented with PET film as a possible material for the production of drumheads after WWII due to its consistency in tonal qualities, and resistance to weather changes. REMO was founded in 1957. Remo is famous for making several industry firsts, such as children's percussion.

Remo is now a very large drumhead company. Remo offers a wide range of sound within the different series'. Those wanting a rock or metal sound may use the Pinstripe or Emperor series, while world percussion players will use the FiberSkyn. Remo also offers a device comprised of several silent rubber pads organized into a drum kit.
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