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Resolv Studio Monitors Now Available as 2.1 System

Jan 29, 2004

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Samson fills out the Resolv monitor line with the introduction of the Resolv 2.1 monitoring system.

The new Resolv 2.1 system starts with the Resolv 50a compact monitors with 75 watts of bi-amped power, driving a 5.25" midrange and a 1" ferro-fluid titanium tweeter. They've added the new Resolv Sub88, an 80 watt powered subwoofer with an 8" Long Stroke woofer. Combined, they provide recording artists the ultimate combination of full range monitoring in a compact three piece system that sounds amazing. The new sub/sat system also comes with an IR remote allowing control of system volume, sub volume and sub mute, giving you the option to monitor with the sub on or off, all without leaving the sweet spot of your listening position. And this is no simple on/off switch: When the sub is turned off the system automatically adjusts levels in the 50a satellites to compensate, giving users the ultimate a/b capability.

The Resolv 2.1 system consisting of two Resolv 50a satellites and the Resolv Sub88 with IR remote will have a list price of $549.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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