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Roland Announces FR-7x V-Accordion

Sep 1, 2009

Roland Corporation U.S. announces the FR-7x V-Accordion®,(http://rolandconnect.com/product.php?p=fr-7x) the newest flagship of the Roland V-Accordion line. Combining the familiar sounds and nuances of a traditional accordion with the versatility of a modern digital musical instrument, the FR-7x is enhanced with the latest V-Accordion features. The FR-7x features a new SSC chip-based CPU that allows for a faster response of the keys or buttons, higher sensitivity and precision, and the detection of bellows opening/closing with new bellows pressure sensor circuitry. The new bellows resistance regulator allows the player to specify the bellows' inertia, allowing for a more customizable playing experience. New sounds abound with the FR-7x as well, with the addition of new French, Bajan, and classic Italian accordion sounds, and 24 new orchestral sounds. Traditional accordion and orchestral sounds can be easily combined and played with full bellows articulation. Virtual Tone Wheel controls allow musicians to personalize their organ sounds to satisfy every music genre by using Treble, Chord, and Bass sections. In addition, the programmable Drum function allows performers to play percussion sounds with the Bass and Chord buttons. The FR-7x features new USB host capability that allows for easy storage and management of MP3 and .WAV files so players can easily import, customize, and record with their own sound. Its battery-powered onboard amplification system is powerful enough for small venues such as restaurants, pubs, and music halls, making the FR-7x a versatile, all-in-one instrument for the performing accordionist. "We listened to feedback from our loyal V-Accordion customer base for development of the FR-7x and we are very impressed with the outcome," says Chris Halon, Product Marketing Manager. "The ease of use of the newest flagship V-Accordion will be great for traditional accordionists, but its depth of features will meet the needs of the most demanding cutting-edge professionals." The FR-7x, and accompanying button version, the FR-7xb, will be shipping in November.
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