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Roland Ships R-05 Wave/MP3 Recorder

Jun 7, 2010

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Affordable pocket recorder with advanced features.

Roland is pleased to announce that the R-05 WAV/MP3Recorder is now shipping. Thishandheld, easy-to-use, and affordable compact digital recorder providescrystal-clear audio quality, enhanced recording and editing features, and anextended battery life of over 16 hours of recording time.

Whether onstage, in rehearsal, at school, on the street, or in the boardroom, theR-05 provides pristine, uncompressed stereo recording directly to SD cards with upto 24-bit/96kHz resolution. Record directly with the built-in stereo microphone, orcapture sounds from an externally connected microphone.

A variety of practice and performance features make the R-05 ideal for the recordingmusician. Specified regions of audio can be looped, and the playback speed can beadjusted without causing a change in pitch. Rehearsal mode automatically sets theoptimum recording level, and the R-05 can also simultaneously record WAV and MP3files of the same performance.

The R-05 allows for easy file transfer with computers via USB 2.0, and also enablesusers to conveniently trim, divide, and combine audio files within the recorderitself. For those who desire a high-gloss finish to their recordings, the R-05 isequipped with built-in reverb.

Musicians will naturally gravitate to the R-05, but this pocket recorder is greatfor many non-musical applications as well. Record lectures, speeches, and meetings,for example. The high-sensitivity, built-in microphone will clearly capture all ofthe voices in a room. The included windscreen and tripod mount also enhance optimalplacement and help produce better recordings.

The R-05 is now available with a suggested retail price of $299.00.

For more info go to http://www.rolandconnect.com/product.php?p=r-05.
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