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S Class Series Processors from Samson

Jan 20, 2001

Samson’s new S Class series of processors were professional designed to offer more features than anything in its price range. The single rack space S Class processors work just as well in a live situation as in the home, project or professional studio.

The SoCom is a two channel Compressor with an Expander/gate, Limiter and Enhancer on each channel. Included are a Threshold Level control and an open/closed LED for the gate. The AEG or Automatic Envelope Generator allows the Threshold and Release times to be set automatically depending on the program material. The SKD (Smart Knee Detector) chooses hard or soft knee as needed automatically also dependant on the program material. The two channels can be linked together to operate as a stereo pair.

The SoCom Plus has the same features as the Socom with the addition of variable de-esser. Included is the ability to use manual or auto mode (AEG) for compression and a Key Input and Key Listen for controlling the envelope circuit with an external source.

The SoCom 4 is a four channel Expander/Gate/Compressor/Limiter that can be linked to operate as stereo pairs. Features include a switchable release time for the Expander/Gate and Auto Attack and Release (AEG) on the Compressor.

The SoPhones four channel Headphone Amplifier delivers 500 mw per channel and features Stereo/Dual Mono mode, an Aux In and individual Treble, Bass, Volume and Balance controls on each channel. Samson’s So3-way is a 3-way stereo/4-way mono active crossover. Included in the full array of controls are features such as a limiter with variable threshold, 2ms of delay for time aligning and a Subwoofer Out.

The Samson SoVox is a sophisticated stereo voice channel including a four input mixer with digital outputs. The S Vox is an ideal front-end device for Hard Disk recorders featuring two high quality microphone preamps with 3-band EQ, an Optical Compressor and convenient insert points. Also available on the mic channels are line inputs specially matched for guitar and bass guitar outputs.

The S Vox also features two independent line inputs, which are ideal for keyboards or for a sub-mix input. The extensive master section offers control room monitoring, as well as analog and S/PDIF digital outputs. The S Vox is the perfect complement to any hard disk recording system providing superior microphone pre-amps and direct inserts for guitar and bass.

The SoGate 4 is a four channel expander/gate/ducker unit that can be used as four separate gates or linked into stereo pairs. Each of the gate sections has a high and low pass filter, Threshold, Attack, Release, and Range controls, Key Listen, ducker and In/Out switch and an 8-segement gain reduction LED display.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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