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SABIAN Offers 13-inch Vault Fierce Hats

Apr 18, 2008

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SABIAN has expanded its Vault collection with the introduction of 13-inch Vault Fierce Hats. Inspired by renowned drummer Jojo Mayer, the Fierce Hats feature a raw, unlathed surface and jumbo hammer marks that combine to deliver an aggressive low-end clarity and punchy, semi-dry response that projects in any music. It is this unique response that has made the Fierce concept a favorite among drummers of all styles, said Mark Love, SABIAN master product specialist.

"The hats' attack is very aggressive with a low bite, which means they are punchy and cutting, yet not metallic sounding. This is more about music than metal," Love said. "Sticking is always precise, and the pedal 'chick' is strong and articulate. Jojo's Fierce Ride and Crash created such a positive stir, and with so many people commenting about the cymbals on his 'Weapons for the Modern Drummer' DVD, introducing the Fierce Hats was a natural progression."

Mayer said: "We've got a very unique sound with these Fierce Hats. There's a raw aspect and a complex darkness that works well in live and recorded contexts. I've been playing prototypes for about eight years, and wherever I go people ask me, 'What are those hats?' Similar to my Fierce Ride and Crash, they're very complex, but great for almost any music. It's great to be part of the adventure of creating these sounds with SABIAN."

Fierce Hats are crafted from SABIAN B20 bronze and are quality protected by the SABIAN Two-Year Warranty Program.

To receive more information or schedule an interview with a SABIAN representative, please contact Formula at (310) 578-7050.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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