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SKB is a case company dedicated to the musician and pro-audio customer with a full line of products. In 1977, the first SKB case was manufactured in a small Anaheim, California garage by Steve Kottman and Dave Sanderson, SKB's founders. Today SKB uses more than 550 employees in 3 manufacturing facilities around the clock, in order to meet the global demands. Currently, SKB manufactures cases for military/industrial purposes, the Music Pro Audio Industry and Sports Cases.

SKB Cases are manufactured of ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene. This unique material was originally specified by the military for use in weapons cases, due to the fact that it is impervious to solvents, fuels or toxic liquids. It is essentially indestructible, molds easily under heat, and forms an "impenetrable shield", thereby protecting whatever it is contains.

SKB also utilizes aluminum valance material for its strength and lightweight characteristics on all closures, with a special "slot" for a custom fitted Neoprene gasket that assists in sealing out moisture. SKB does all this valance bending in house to assure a perfect fit.

All riveting on SKB cases utilizes steel backing plates to prevent pulling through the plastic material.

Handles, wheels, D-rings, exterior feet, cam-action locking latches and butterfly clamps are all heavy duty variety, and are also covered under the exclusive SKB Lifetime Warranty, unless abused. Some of the handles and latches are manufactured by SKB from plastic "regrind". Plus SKB has their own investment casting facility for making latches and hardware.

Rack mount cases utilize aluminum rack frames, and include specially designed rack clips and mounting screws for installation of equipment. The Shockrack interior rack frame is a proprietary design with both front and rear rack rails, and an exclusive shock-spring mechanism engineered by SKB. The shock spring concept originally came from a missile carrying case SKB built for the military.
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