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Sabian Expands Vault Series With 20" Ride

Mar 29, 2006

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The SABIAN Vault Crash introduced an innovative new concept in cymbal sound: 'the sound of the silver slicing through the music'. The popularity of that model and resultant consumer demand has led SABIAN to introduce the 20" Vault Ride. Combining a top featuring pinpoint lathing with a raw, unlathed bottom that focuses its response, this model not only offers the added value of the slicing power of silver in its sound, the Vault Ride delivers glassy, clean responses at every volume... from low to loud.

Commented SABIAN product specialist Lorenzo Wright: "The Vault Ride is designed to maximize the cutting potential of the silver in its B20 bronze. To ensure that sound remains focused, clean and clear the bottom of the cymbal is left unlathed. This raw bottom tightens up the overall response, so the sound created by a stick hitting the top is crisp, clear and projected without the vibration of the cymbal creating too much wash and reducing that clarity. The Vault Ride may be a medium weight cymbal, but with this innovative design minimizing the wash, it remains totally effective, with the sound of the silver slicing through when played at even the loudest volumes."

The Vault Ride is the latest in the Vault Collection, which was introduced by SABIAN in 2005. This collection, created to accommodate cymbals and sounds inspired by today's music and musicians also includes unique designs from the artisans in the SABIAN Vault. Added Wright: "Many SABIAN innovations don't fit into our other series, like AA and Hand Hammered, so Vault is where they will appear."

Individually hand crafted from SABIAN's pure B20 'cast' bronze, the Vault Ride is available exclusively in Brilliant Finish and quality-protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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