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Sabian Introduces Vault Series Hi Hats

Mar 29, 2006

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SABIAN continues to mine the power of silver in its B20 'cast' bronze, with 14" Vault Hats. Designed to deliver on the Vault promise of its unique design to 'slice through the music', this pairing features a medium top and heavy bottom with pinpoint lathing. The sound is bright and crisp, with the top cymbal light enough to be sensitive, yet capable of creating a synergy with the bottom cymbal that boosts overall response with solid sticking and full, glassy responses at higher volumes. This design also promotes a crisper, cleaner pedal response... a very strong 'chick' sound.

Commented SABIAN product specialist David Williams: "Though they are extremely versatile, Vault Hats have a very definite and unique personality. This is because they maximize the silver in their sound. It is this bright 'tssssss' response - like cymbal sibilance - that ensures their crisp clarity. At lower volumes they are surprisingly responsive and defined, yet sensitive and musical. At higher volumes the top and bottom are a powerful combination that cuts with the sort of clarity the Vault Crash is renowned for."

Added Williams: "Vault is all about better cymbal design. This can range from the Artisan Ride, which is a radical improvement of traditional concepts, to modern concepts like the Vault Hats."

SABIAN craftsmen create Vault cymbals using SABIAN's secret-process B20 'cast' bronze and an innovative design process that maximizes the effectiveness of the silver in this highly durable and musical metal. Vault Hats are quality-protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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