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Sabian Launches New Rock Crashes and Rock Ride Cymbals

Jul 23, 2004

The latest additions to Sabian's B8 series see the cymbal company adding more bigger sizes to its range of Rock models. The 17", 19" and 20" Crashes offer heavy players their first choice of odd sizes in this range, while the 21" Ride shows Sabian are up to offering the same sort of model offerings in their budget lines as they are in their professional series. As with all B8 cymbals, B8 Rock models are precision crafted by Sabian from pure B8 bronze, the metal they choose to create sounds that are tonally tight, high pitched and cutting.

Commented Sabian product specialist Dave Williams: "B8 Rock models are bigger, tougher and louder than other cymbals in their price range. They're also more consistent in terms of performance and more durable in terms of strength. The heavy weight and solid design of the ride ensures it offers a fast and crisp stick response, while the crashes are explosive and big sounding thanks to their extra metal and odd sizing. While many players may find medium weight cymbals suitable for their needs, when it comes to hard rock and heavy playing, B8 Rock is the most affordable way to get into a great set of cymbals. Sabian utilizes it own proprietary hi-tech process to craft B8 cymbals before hand finishing them and aging them to maturity in the Sabian Vault. All B8 cymbals are quality protected by the Sabian One-Year Warranty Program.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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