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Sabian's AAX O-Zone Splash Delivers Big Aggression In A Small Cymbal

Mar 29, 2006

The latest SABIAN cymbal featuring the award-winning company's unique 'multi-hole' design is the AAX O-Zone Splash. Introduced after it proved extremely popular on the SABIAN Vault Tour, the AAX O-Zone Crash is available in 10" and 12" sizes, with a series of 2" holes around its circumference and sounds that are raw, aggressive and biting.

Commented SABIAN master product specialist Mark Love: "The multi-hole O-Zone design was invented by SABIAN in the mid-nineties. By removing metal from the cymbal we make it lighter and more responsive. This increases its sensitivity and boosts the speed of its response. The holes also alter the movement of vibration through the bronze, so instead of the bright, splashy sounds normally associated with splash cymbals, the O-Zone Splash is loaded with aggression and bite. Though they are small the sound of these cymbals is so unique that it takes on a much bigger power of its own."

All AAX series cymbals benefit from the innovative 'Auto-Focus Response' design. This unique SABIAN feature ensures optimum response at all volume levels.

Individually hand crafted from SABIAN B20 'cast' bronze, AAX O-Zone crash models are available in Natural and Brilliant Finish, and are quality-protected by the SABIAN One-Year Warranty.

For more information, visit their web site at www.sabian.com.
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