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Samson Goes Live with New D-Class Processors

Jan 28, 2004

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Samson Technologies introduced their newest line of audio tools at Winter NAMM: D-Class digital audio processing for live music.

The two biggest problems with digital processing units is that they're cumbersome to operate and they're usually expensive to own. D-Class aims solves both problems by combining digital performance with the function and feel of true analog equipment, at an affordable.

The problem with most digital live gear is that it relies on scroll-through menus and microscopic displays. When something goes wrong live, you need instant access, instant control. D-Class processors give users that control with real hands-on faders and controls that are intuitive to use.

The D-Class line-up consists of three units, the D-1500 Real Time Analyzer, D-2500 Graphic Equalizer, and the D-3500 Feedback Management System. All feature 24-bit audio resolution and sample rates up to 96kHz, and all three are linkable so they can communicate with each other seamlessly using Samson's own D-Net protocol.

The D-3500 Feedback Management System features Automatic Frequency Restoration (AFR) technology. If feedback spikes on any of the 30 filters, the frequency is cut. But even better, AFR continues to monitor that frequency. If the feedback goes away, the frequency is restored. The D-3500 is also a fully programmable digital parametric EQ. It features 30 parametric filters configurable in 2 stereo channels of 15 filters each, or one mono channel of 30 filters. It has programmable delay, high and low pass filters, noise gate, limiter, enhancer, and feedback suppression filter settings of parametric, automatic or resonance. All algorithms are accurate to 1/60 octave, all settings are all capable of being saved in memory to one of 100 user locations.

The beauty of the D-2500 Graphic Equalizer is that it has 31 bands of real hands-on faders. The unit has a stereo master gain control with fader, as well as programmable delay, high and low pass filters, noise gate, limiter, and enhancer. The unit features a filter frequency response that is selectable from either a common analog EQ setting or a setting that responds as close as possible to the analog fader position. Another key feature is feedback suppression. It can be set to automatic, or you can have the unit suggest which fader you should pull down manually, so there is no chance of loosing a specific frequency, unlike other feedback "destroying" units. Again all settings and parameters are able to be stored in 100 user preset locations.

If you don't know what kind of acoustic environment you are dealing with, even the best equipment can provide sound lacking in detail and presence. That's where the D-1500 Real Time Analyzer comes in. With 31-bands of EQ correction, what would once take you hours to do can now be performed in minutes, giving your audio output a true sonically flat frequency response. This process is simplified with the D-1500 thanks to its large LED display for easy readability, phase correlation meter, VU meter, a signal generator with the options of sine, white, and pink noise, and a test microphone input that works with most popular test measurement microphones such as Samson's MM01.

Each of the D-class units can be used as independent devices, but they were designed to be a complete audio solution using Samson's D-Net communication protocol. D-class features full MIDI implementation for all three units using standard MIDI jacks or D-Net XLR jacks for a device-to-device link, or hook up to a personal computer. When linking the units you see the full power of D-class, as the D-1500 RTA will display its fader positions on the D-2500 Graphic EQ, as well as the frequency response settings of the D-3500 Parametric, and vise versa, again giving you the power of digital processing with an analog feel.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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