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Samson Introduces Rubicon Ribbon Monitors at Summer NAMM

Jul 26, 2004

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At the NAMM show, Samson introduced the Rubicon 5a and Rubicon 6a Active Ribbon Studio Monitors, Ribbon transducer studio monitors at a very affordable price.

The Samson Rubicon Active Ribbon Studio Monitors feature 2-inch Velocity Ribbon high frequency transducers that compliment a 2-way active system. Ribbon drivers have no resonant color and are non- dispersive unlike a traditional diaphragm tweeter, according to the company. The ribbon driver itself has no added sound characteristics, in technical terms; there is no addition or subtraction to the harmonics of the sound they are producing, they are completely neutral. So why aren't there more Ribbon-based monitors available? Because until now, they have traditionally been expensive. Well not anymore: the Rubicon 5a monitors have an estimated street price of $329/pair and the 6a pair will be $429.

The Rubicon 5a's feature a bi-amped power section offering 50-Watts to a newly designed 5-inch inverted cone low-frequency driver and 25 Watts to the high frequency ribbon. The Rubicon 6a's step up the power with 75 Watts pushing a new 6.5-inch low-frequency driver with 25-Watts for the high frequency ribbon. Both two-way systems are house in a shelf-ported wood enclosure with balanced 1/4-inch and XLR input connections. There is also a 4-segment high frequency lift control that allows the listener to dial in the ribbon tweeter to their preferred level.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com.
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