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Samson Unveils ConcertLine Drum Mics

Feb 3, 2006

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ConcertLine, the latest series of microphones from Samson, are a complete line of great sounding microphones packaged in eye-catching bubble packs for counter-top or wall-hanging display. They are aggressively priced, and come complete with accessories.

Designed to deliver thunderous results, the Q-Kick microphone was tailored to faithfully reproduce the complexities of the bass drum. An extremely sensitive neodymium element and precise capsule porting enable it to handle extended low frequencies and high SPL. The Q-Kick includes a carrying pouch and a shock-mounted clip that easily attaches to any standard mic stand and lists for $199.99

Perfect for both live and recording applications, the Q-Snare microphone is ideal to recreate the sound of the snare drum while handling extremely high sound pressure levels. Special attention in the construction of the neodymium element, together with precise capsule porting produces a frequency response ideal for snare drum. The Q-Snare has a multi-adjustable integral mounting clip, which allows careful positioning of the microphone without the need for external mic stands, and comes with a carry pouch. The Q-Snare list price is $149.99.

The Q-Tom was specifically designed as a complete solution for tom-tom miking applications. Capturing the deep low frequencies along with crisp attacks, it employs a tight super cardioid pattern to reduce feedback and increased side-to-side rejection in close miking situations. The Q-Tom features an integral mounting clip that easily mounts on any standard drum rim, and carrying pouch. The Q-Tom lists for $149.99.

The C02H mini pencil condenser brings a high level of accuracy and audio performance to instrument miking applications. It's perfect for miking Hi-Hats thanks to its smooth top end and ability to capture fast attack transients. The C02H has a shock-mounted mic clip to minimize noise, and comes with a carry pouch. The C02H list price is $174.99.

For more information, visit their web site at www.samsontech.com/audio.
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