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Samson's AirLine Micro Wireless Gets You Charged Up

Jan 22, 2010

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AirLine Micro Wireless Earset System, our smallest wireless system ever, utilizes the latest in lithium ion battery technology and couples it with small, high-quality audio components. The result is a breakthrough that brings wireless freedom and convenience to a new level of performance. To eliminate the constant need for conventional battery replacement, Samson has designed this UHF wireless system to be fully rechargeable, supplying lithium ion rechargeable batteries and USB DC power inputs for both the AH2 earset transmitter and AR2 receiver. A handy docking/charging station for the receiver also provides a 3.5mm balanced audio output. The AH2 is a single earset transmitter for complete freedom and uninhibited movement. The transmitter features an omnidirectional microphone to ensure a user's voice is picked up and amplified even during periods of high-energy movement. Like the AH2 transmitter, the AR2 receiver employs modest size, inconspicuous appearance and a rechargeable battery that will offer about 7 hours of operation. "The AirLine Micro Earset System really elevates the convenience of micro wireless transmitters and receivers," says Mark Wilder, Director of Marketing for Samson Technologies. "It's not only our smallest wireless system to date, but also our most comfortable and versatile. Its specific design and rechargeable capabilities make it perfect for fitness instructors, presenters and intensely active performers." The pioneering technology built into this micro wireless system demonstrates meticulous engineering that will provide professional sound reproduction and exceptional reliability. "When mobility is a factor in your performance," says Wilder. "Samson's AirLine Micro offers the most discreet, convenient and uninhibited wireless performance available."
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