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Sheena Easton Biography

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Sheena Easton (born Sheena Shirley Orr on 27 April 1959, Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland) is a Scottish-American pop singer. Sheena became famous for being the focus of the United Kingdom television programme The Big Time, a late-1970s reality TV series which recorded her attempts to gain a record contract and got her a deal with EMI.

Sheena was the youngest of six children of a steel mill laborer, Alex Orr, and his wife Annie. Her siblings included brothers Robert and Alex and sisters Marilyn, Annessa and Morag. Her earliest known public performance as a singer was at the age of five, when in 1964 she sang "Early One Morning" for her uncle and aunt and various relatives at the couple's 25th wedding anniversary celebration.

In 1969, as young Sheena reached the age of 10, her father died. Her now-widowed mother took on work as a laborer to support the family alone. Sheena's website states that her mother was always available for her children, despite her tremendous workload: "Sheena always speaks very highly of her mom and the wonderful job she did in raising her and her siblings, including teaching each of them all to read at home before they were even enrolled in school."

She had not considered seriously entering upon a singing career until a viewing of The Way We Were, a Barbra Streisand film, at her local cinema. Streisand's singing over the opening credits "overtook" the young Scots girl and convinced her that what she wanted most was to be a singer and have that kind of effect on others. Her top grades in school earned her a scholarship to attend the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama in Glasgow, and she trained there from 1975 to 1979 as a speech and drama teacher by day while singing with a band called Something Else by night at local clubs. She chose to study teaching rather than performing because it was a course of study that would let her perfect her craft as a singer.

In 1979, she married Sandi Easton, the first of four husbands. They divorced after only eight months, but Sheena decided to keep the surname Easton, which she retains professionally to this day. That year, "The Big Time" selected Sheena as the subject of a documentary film planned to chronicle a relative unknown's rise to pop-music stardom, after one of her Academy instructors coaxed her into auditioning. Her talent persuaded reluctant EMI executives to award her a contract, and Christopher Neil was assigned as her recording producer. Deke Arlon became her first manager, and Sheena spent much of 1980 being followed by camera crews, who filmed her throughout the process of making her first EMI single, "Modern Girl."

Her second marriage, in 1984, was to Rob Light, a talent agent, but ended after 18 months. Sheena earned U.S. citizenship in 1992 and adopted her first child, Jake in 1993. Two years later, she adopted again, this time a baby girl named Skylar. Summer of 1997 she met and married husband three, producer Tim Delarm, while filming an episode of ESPN Canon Photo Safari in Yellowstone National Park and later married Delarm in Las Vegas July of 1997. The marriage lasted one year. In 2001, she became engaged to John Minoli, a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and married him on November 9, 2002. They divorced in 2003 and Sheena has been a single mother to her two children since and currently resides in Las Vegas.

Sheena Easton speaks with a very noticeable Scottish accent which is absent from her powerful singing voice.
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