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Shure Introduces AuxPander

Jan 19, 2001

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Shure Incorporated today unveiled the new AuxPander, an auxiliary send expander for mixing consoles. Designed for touring musicians and sound engineers, the device is a flexible, cost-effective solution for when more aux mixes are needed.

AuxPander is the perfect compliment for standard mixing consoles because it increases a console's output capabilities. The unique product allows users to turn any mixer into an 8-bus console.

"The AuxPander is a great solution for anyone who suddenly finds themselves in need of more Aux sends," stated Scott Sullivan, Shure's Category Director of Personal Monitor Products. "This can easily happen when a band adds personnel or new equipment, like personal monitors." input signals and distributing them to any of the eight available outputs in any combination and at any volume level. Interfaced via a host console's insert points, AuxPander is expandable both vertically and horizontally to meet future sound system needs. For example, connecting two AuxPanders creates an 8x16 or a 16x8 matrix.

AuxPander is anticipated to be available from Shure dealers this May. AuxPander carries a suggested retail price of $990.00 USD.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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