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Shure Introduces Beta 54 Headworn Vocal Mic

Jan 22, 2003

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Shure Incorporated's new Beta 54 headworn vocal mic will made its official industry debut at this year's Winter NAMM. Available in both wireless and hardwired configurations, the ultra-lightweight and comfortable unit is a durable onstage performer employing a supercardioid design which delivers Beta sound, ambient rejection, and maximum gain-before-feedback.

Operable between 20 Hz - 20 kHz, the Beta 54 additionally features a smooth response tailored expressly for vocals that is both warm and natural. Outfitted with a low-output cartridge enabling it to handle extremely high sound pressure levels (149 dB SPL maximum), the mic is offered in black or tan, and comes with a snap-fit windscreen, detachable boom mount, and flexible, fully-adjustable headband. Prior to its Winter NAMM introduction, the Beta 54 was field-tested by a prominent group of artists and engineers from the touring and broadcast worlds. Many of the beta testers commented that its sound is comparable to that of a handheld microphone and its ambient rejection exceeds that of other competitive offerings.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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