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Shure Previews PSM 200 Personal Monitor Systems

Jul 23, 2002

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Shure Incorporated today announced the preview of the latest in personal monitoring, the affordable PSM 200 Personal Monitor Systems. The PSM 200 makes the benefits of in ear monitoring accessible to a wide array of cost-conscious musicians, houses of worship, and installations requiring assistive listening devices. Beyond cost, the PSM 200 components deliver exciting new features including the built-in ability to upgrade the receiver from wired to wireless, a transmitter that is also a mixer, and a high fidelity earphone.

P2R Hybrid Receiver

For those users that can't initially afford wireless, the P2R Hybrid Receiver protects their investment by allowing them to upgrade at a later date. The hybrid receiver starts as a wired bodypack and with the addition of the Transmixer component, operates fully as a wireless receiver.

Complete features of the P2R Hybrid Receiver include:
  • A dual-function receiver that operates as a wired and wireless bodypack to offer users an upgrade, and greater flexibility.
  • A built-in limiter to aid in hearing protection that can't be defeated.
  • LED indicators for power, RF (radio frequency) signal strength, frequency, limiter, and battery level.
  • Volume control.
  • An integrated cable management system to keep cables under control.
  • A 1/4" line input jack for convenient, integrated line input to connect monitor mixes, click tracks, or effects.
  • Up to 6 hours, volume dependant, on a standard 9V battery.

P2T TransMixer By combining frequency-agile wireless transmitter functionality and a two-channel mixer, the PSM 200 TransMixer offers the end user complete control of the in ear mix right on the stage

Complete features of the P2T TransMixer include:
  • A frequency-agile transmitter with eight channels per system.
  • Up to four simultaneous compatible systems (country dependant).
  • A range of 100 m (300 ft.) under optimal conditions.
  • LED indicators for input level and frequency.
  • Volume controls for mic/line inputs to help you create your own mix.
  • Integrated mix control with two mic/line XL-1/4" combo input channels for personal control.
  • XLR split outputs that connect signals to a mixing console or other device without affecting original settings.

E2 Earphone

E2 Earphone features include:
  • In ear, high fidelity sound
  • Isolation to help you keep what you hear on stage under your control
  • Interchangeable flex and foam sleeves to give you the perfect fit

The PSM 200 is being sold in complete system configurations, and as individual components to allow customers to build their own systems. List prices range from $468 for the complete PSM 200 Wired Personal Monitor System to $798 for the PSM 200 Wireless System. The E2 Earphones are available at a suggested retail price of $110. PSM 200 Personal Monitor Systems are manufactured in the United States. For more information, visit www.shure.com.

For more information, visit their web site at www.shure.com.
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