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Slap And Pop/Muted Slap And Pop - Page 2

by Mark Heath
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Bass Line #2: This line introduces the Left-Hand Muted Slap. Strike the open E string as you did in the previous "Bass Line #1" with your thumb on downbeats 1,2,3,4. On the "AND"/"UP" beats strike all four strings with the four fingers (placed close together) of your left hand in a clamping motion across the strings to produce a muted sound that will also produce a "clicking" noise when struck. Pay close attention where you strike the strings to avoid producing unwanted "Harmonics". Move your left hand up and down the fretboard to experiment. Start slow and increase tempo only when you have played it clean and even. Next lesson will intoduce the "Muted Pop". Note: The line builder can not denote an "x" on the "up beats". An "x" usually indicates a "muted" note.
Pages: 1 · 2
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