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Steinberg is a German musical equipment and software company. It mainly produces MIDI music sequencer software, software synthesizers and digital audio editing tools.

The company was founded in 1984 by Karl Steinberg and Manfred Rürup. Its first product was the MIDI sequencer Steinberg Pro 16 for the Commodore 64. The company has changed name from Steinberg Research to Steinberg Soft- und Hardware GmbH, and was active in the United States for some years as Steinberg North America, Inc. In January 2003, the company was acquired by US firm Pinnacle Systems, within which it operated as an independent company producing its products before being sold to Yamaha in December, 2004.

They have also specified the Audio Stream Input Output (ASIO) protocol which provides a low-latency communication link between digital audio software and professional sound cards, the Virtual Studio Technology (VST) an industry standard bringing studio technology into sequencer software, the Linear Time Base (LTB) protocol, and VST System Link (VSL) a network protocol which shares the resources of several computers on the same project.
  • Steinberg Cubase 4 (Successor to the SX series) Cubase 4 Site
  • Steinberg Cubase Studio 4 (Successor to the SL series)
  • Steinberg Cubase Essential 4 (Successor to the SE series) Cubase Essential 4 Site
  • Steinberg Cubase SX3
  • Steinberg Cubase SL3
  • Steinberg Cubase SE3 Cubase SE3 Site
  • Steinberg Cubase LE (Light edition sometimes bundled with sound cards)
  • Steinberg Sequel Sequel Site
  • Steinberg V-Stack
  • Steinberg Nuendo 4 Nuendo 4 Site
  • Steinberg WaveLab
  • Steinberg Groove Agent
  • Steinberg HALion 3
  • Steinberg HALion Player
  • Steinberg HALion String Edition 2
  • Steinberg HALion Symphonic Orchestra
  • Steinberg Hypersonic 2
  • Steinberg The Grand 2
  • Steinberg Virtual Guitarist
  • Steinberg Virtual Bassist
  • Steinberg Pro 16 (for Commodore 64)
  • Steinberg Pro 24 (for Atari ST)
  • Steinberg Cubase VST (Virtual Studio Technology)
  • Steinberg Cubasis VST (low-cost edition of Cubase, occasionally bundled with sound cards)
  • Steinberg Clean!
  • Steinberg Plex
  • Steinberg D'cota
  • Steinberg Hypersonic
  • Steinberg/Wizoo X-phraze
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